About Save Her Life, Inc.

Save Her Life, Inc. was founded by breast cancer survivor, Sandy LeDuke, and ovarian cancer survivor, Kristina Anderson. Sandy’s experience as a professional nurse provided much value and expertise in Kristina’s journey with cancer, allowing her to obtain the care and support she needed to get through the physical, emotional and mental trials that come with such a disease. Sandy provided the care, resources and encouragement to help Kristina beat ovarian cancer and remain positive.

When you are first diagnosed with cancer, it is a terrifying moment in your life. Many people are unfamiliar with the resources and support available within their communities when they are fighting cancer and lack the ability to truly understand the opportunities and options available in achieving optimal care and support. Save Her Life was established to not only be that much needed source where cancer patients and their loved ones could go to discover the resources available to them to help them with their own journey with cancer, but commit to providing awareness about ovarian cancer and related cancers in order to help ‘save her life’.
Kristina Anderson Sandy LeDuke